Greenfield Cree are 'Super'SHED opening 2017 web

Mens Cree at Greenfield Arts Build Super Shed with PCP

Greenfield Cree have once again been working hard to bring something very special to the community.  In partnership with PCP (Pioneering Care Centre) in Newton Aycliffe they have designed and built a new ‘Super Shed’ which will be a fantastic asset to the PCP garden project.

The Shed will be invaluable to the community, many of the gardeners themselves were present at the recent grand opening, one of the leads David, who is a wheelchair user gave a small speech explaining just how the new “Super Shed” would make a difference.  The shed will enable him to come along more often especially during inclement weather, and also how good it would be to be able to access the tools and equipment for himself.

The  Chair and CEO of the PCP were in attendance alongside Howard Leslie who leads the garden project, Howard acknowledged the generosity of the Cree Men and explained how the shed would allow the scale of the gardening project to grow.  The project promotes wellbeing and friendship for the gardeners, an ethos which is at the heart of Cree.  This feeling of goodwill was also mirrored by local companies who gave materials and time free of charge to help support the project.

Greenfield Cree were well represented at the event with 12 members attending alongside group leader Richard Agar and they thoroughly appreciated the scones and tea and the opportunity to meet and chat with the gardening group, company representatives and the PCP team that has assisted them in this extremely successful and well-received project.

Cree is a GAMP public health funded project led by Greenfield Arts which promotes well-being through community projects and new members are always welcome, anyone wishing to know a little bit more about Cree and Greenfield Arts should contact our friendly team on 01325 379048.


PLEASE NOTE: We are closed Friday 24th November for staff training.

We will reopen Monday 27th November 10am.